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Greenhouse route

Lenght: 22 Kilometres.


Difficulty:  None. You can do it comfortably even if you have hardly ever ridden a bicycle.


Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes.



You should try not to go in the middle of the days as it is much hotter. Even though most of the route is along quiet paths or tarmacked roads, you must watch out for vehicles and move in line.


Description of the route:

From Los Alcázares you will go in direction of La Manga. After a petrol station, on the left you will see the fire station. Opposite there is a path leading to El Rame tower, which you just follow. After the tower turn right along a path that goes between melon and spicy pepper crops until you reach an artesian well. Turn right again and continue until you find the tarmacked road from Los Alcázares to Torre Pacheco.

Follow it for one kilometre towards this village until you reach the bar La Torre and a large white building. Then turn right and continue for two and a half kilometres, going straight, and ignore the crossroads you will find. Enjoy the sight of a vast extension of greenhouses, fields, round irrigation rafts (very common in the Mar Menor) and fields of fruit. You will end up in an area with denser traffic: take a right until you arrive in Roda and then keep going left until Dolores.

Then go right until you get to San Javier. If you are in a hurry to get back you can follow the N-332 road, which leads you straight to Los Alcázares, but it is slightly uncomfortable because of the denser traffic. It is better to cross San Javier towards San Pedro del Pinatar until you reach the football grounds. There you will find a tarmacked road to the right that takes you to La Calavera city centre, which is the oldest in the area, and then go to the San Blas hermitage, which was built on an ancestral home of the 13th century dedicated to San Juan de la Calavera. From San Blas you will see a large avenue that you must take towards the right, and which will take you to the road from San Javier to La Ribera.

Turn right again until you reach some traffic lights and then go left to enter an estate in construction. At the end of it you will see a piece of land called El Recuerdo, a large property surrounded by tall and thick pine trees. Go around its left side, straight on, and after passing another two plots of land you will get to the road to the airport. On your right you will soon find Los Narejos and Los Alcázares, at the end of the route.


Interesting places:

– El Rame tower: a defensive construction dating back to the 16th century. It was a part of a surveillance system to avoid attacks from the Berber pirates, who devastated the area for centuries.

– Roda property: a perfect example of an ancient piece of agricultural land in the Mar Menor, with an ancestral house, a patio and installations to keep the agricultural devices. Greenhouses. Thanks to the rise in temperature produced by the sun inside an enclosed area one can collect several harvests a year and even grow species that are sensitive to the cold and frost


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