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La Sierra Minera

This circuit, starting and finishing in Los Belones, allows us the bay of Portman – one ofthe most beautiful and secluded from the coast of Murcia and the famous Sierra Minerade La Unión.

Duration: Three hours.

Length: 24 miles maximum height.

Difficulty: Easy. The only incidents are two small hills to be overcome, first to enter the bay of Portman (100 meters) and then to cross the Sierra Minera (240 meters).

Route description:
0.0 – The Belones. Upon entering the village, facing the sports bar, take the Avenue de La Fuente crosses the highway above.
1.1 – Cross. Nucleus of the barracks. On reaching the transformer turn right on an asphalt road which passes between some houses.
1.3 – The asphalt gives way to the ground. It pedals parallel to a coastline. We leave a tip.
1.7 – Crossroads with a pole electrical conduction. Turn right to cross the wadi.
2.6 – Finca del Puntal. Riding school. We follow the paved road to the left, a tower and a large irrigation pond.
2.8 – Crossroads. Continue along the dirt road out front.
3.2 – Cross, arrived at the asphalt road to Los Belones Portman. Continue to the left.
6.3 – Crossroads. Right out the track that leads to El Llano. Continue straight on the asphalt to save a little hill and start down the bay.
8.5 – Crossroads. Turn left towards the lighthouse.
10.1 – Lighthouse and beach. From this point you can fully appreciate the tremendous ecological mess spills caused Peñarroya miners at bay, completely flooded by debris.The beach is now almost a mile from its original place. The bollards from the old port of Portman are just grotesque caricatures inland. Return along the same path that we brought.
11.7 – Crossroads. Turn right, heading to Los Belones.
13.7 – Collado (100 meters).
13.8 – We left the road and we left the track.
16.3 – Collado (240 meters). From this point you have an unbeatable view of Mar Menor, the hill of the tortured Carmolí and Sierra de La Union, pierced by dint of sweat and tragedy since time immemorial.
17.8 – Turn right towards El Llano del Beal.
18.1 – Llano del Beal. The town is crossed straight, always down.
18.8 – After passing under the bridge of the railway narrow track leads to the road from La Union Los Nietos. Turn right.
21.5 – Crossing the highway from La Manga del Mar Menor. We took the right route service to Los Belones.
24.0 – The Belones. End of the road.

Recommendations: Avoid the hottest hours and move with caution in areas of asphalt. In the Sierra mining, avoid getting close to the wells.


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