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Adventure & Relax Route

Archena & Calasparra

This tour will visit two caves of great importance in the Region, la Cueva del Puerto (the largest horizontal run) and Cueva de los Monigotes (cave paintings belonging to the Paleolithic stage that goes to the Romanization).  After visiting the caves will be held an exciting descent of the Segura river in kayak, the Canyon of Almadenes, where you will enjoy the rich flora and fauna of the environment, with some native species such as terrapin. Finally enjoy a relaxing bath in the thermal pools of Archena spa, with different types of hot tubs, water jets, etc., and deck chairs for relaxing.

Duration: One day

Points of Interest:

In the morning

Cueva del Puerto:

Located in: Calasparra

It is the largest cave of horizontal travel in our region, with about 5 km topography. The geology of the interior consists of galleries and natural beauty. Tourist visits have a distance of 300 meters lit, where you can see spectacular formations of stalactites and stalagmites with a wide variety of colors, as well as large caves.

Abrigos del Pozo o Cueva de los Monigotes:

Located in: Calasparra

They are in the Abrigo del Pozo, in the Canyon of Almadenes, about 5 miles of Calasparra in the river Segura. It is an archaeological site that contains paintings of schematic style, and which represent people, animals, objects and appear lower limbs, men with arms in handle, quadrupeds, vertical lines and dots, they all belong to thePaleolithic stage will until Roman times.
At the foot of the paintings have been conducted archaeological excavations have documented the presence of humans in place for at least ten thousand years.

Down de Canyon de los Almadenes

Located in: Calasparra

It is of great importance in landscape and geomorphology, highlighting numerous caves in the canyon, some of which are home to some archaeological remains of great interest as the cave paintings Heritage. The canyon is a protected area for its natural values, highlighting the presence of poplars, channels, and pines, junipers, hawthornsand junipers.

In the afternoon

Archena Spa

Located in: Archena

Located in the Valle de Ricote, by the River Segura, the Archena Spa is an oasis with lush vegetation that abound in the palm, eucalyptus and lemon trees. The spa waters are used both preventive and curative with a wide range of spa treatments. It seems that the first to use its waters were settled in the Iberian settlements Archena to the V century BC.
The stay at the spa can be as relaxing or active as a choice, a wide range of activities: aqua gym, fitness gym, hiking, entertainment lounge, bike tours, excursions, outdoor games and so on. and a wide range of accommodations and restaurants in the grounds of the resort.
It is highly recommended thermo-leisure services in the thermal pools that cover an area of ​​675 square meters, of which half are semi covered, with capacity for 600 people and with thermal water, ie flowing from the spring to 52 degrees was found at an average temperature of 34 degrees Celsius in the pools.
They also have an active thermal area, highlighting the “Archena Massage”, physiotherapy, medical and chapel.


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