Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | August 6, 2011

Diving in Hormigas Islands

Hormigas Islands are some rocky capes that appear at sea level, close to Cabo de Palos.

The extraordinary beauty and preservation of the seabed have obtained the distinction as an Integrated Marine Reserve and the acknowledgement on behalf of the regular divers as “one of the best places in the Peninsula to practice.”

Description of the route: there are some boat trips from the diving schools all year long. The first stop is Bajo de Enmedio, where the rocky capes appear four metres beneath the surface. There you can see perches, meagres, congers, barracudas, morays and octopuses, swimming along with some common species in Cabo de Palos: great schools of wrasses and damselfish.

The bottom is rocky, covered in algae and marine flora. In Bajo de Fuera, passing the lighthouse island, you will see again the same flora and fauna with the added interest of the remains you will find from the shipwrecks at depths of 30m.

Las Hormigas, and especially Bajo, were one of the danger points for navigation in the Mediterranean for centuries. It was so shallow (about 3 metres in depth) that it managed to finish off hundreds of ships that unsuccessfully tried to pass Palos.

Difficulty: to dive in these areas you must have some experience. Another more simple – although equally interesting – option is to explore several coves near the cape: Cala Fría, Cala Correos…, which are also included in Palos Cape- Hormigas Islands Marine Reserve.

Forbidden: the beds nearest to the islands have been declared Integrated Reserves, so diving there is absolutely forbidden, although you can do it in other areas of the marine reserve.


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