Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | August 2, 2011

Valle Ricote and Cieza

The Ricote Valley was the last Moorish redoubt in Spanish Levante. This is one of the most beautiful and undiscovered parts of the fertile irrigated plains around the River Segura. The towns of Ricote, Ojós, Abarán, Blanca, Ulea, Villanueva del Segura and Archena, surrounded by fruit and citrus orchards, transport us to an ideal world. A fertile plain that clings to its Arab heritage, as shown by the numerous remains from this period, including its irrigation systems. Ricote maintains a rich gastronomical tradition in which the local wine is the protagonist. Blanca has retained its legacy as a producer of esparto grass. In Abarán, visitors can follow a route that will lead them to four of the many waterwheels, or “ñoras” as they are known in the area, which transport water from the river to irrigate the most distant plains. From this area the landscape changes and we enter a more open area famous for its fruit orchards, particularly peach, and its contrasting landscapes, making it particularly attractive for engaging in sports such as hiking, BTT or rock climbing. Other open-air sports that can be pursued here include rafting on the River Segura or horse-riding along routes offered by various horse riding centres. Visitors can find a range of accommodation in the form of typical rural properties, imbued with the wealth of pleasures offered by the Ricote Valley.


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