Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | July 31, 2011

Northwest of Murcia

The North-East of the Region of Murcia is a land of contrasts, characterised by vast plateaux, vineyards, grain and rice fields, and mountain ranges such as Macizo de Revolcadores, the highest range in the Region. Its history dates as far as the Palaeolithic Age. The municipalities in this district comprise an important Roman-Visigoth settlement at Begastri, (Cehegín); Caravaca (the ¿Holy City¿), with its chapel dedicated to ¿La Vera Cruz¿; Bullas, the cradle of an excellent wine, and Cehegín, which recreates its past under the watchful gaze of castle towers and coats of arms; Calasparra, with its famous rice farms that have achieved Denominación de Origen(similar to Appellation d¿origine) status and divided by the River Segura, brimming with vitality, on its hasty journey through this land; and Moratalla, with its mysterious maze-like old town.

Its geographical location, in an inland mountainous area far from the traditional transit towns and villages, differentiates these places from the rest of the Murcian landscape. A crossroads between La Mancha, Castille and Andalusia, the North East of Murcia offers countless examples of its culture and traditions that are worth discovering at first hand.


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