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Mar Menor by bicycle

Riding the Mar Menor by bicycle, the paths, dirt track and even a former real canyon, always close to the water’s edge, is a great way to discover this unique piece of coastline.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – the perimeter of the Mar Menor is not continuous. In the area of ​​the weirs, at the north end of La Manga, several water channels cut shoreline and prevent complete the circle by bike.

Length: 56.4 miles.

Difficulty: The whole route runs through flat terrain and well marked trails, which offer no difficulty. Only those who decide to make the full journey should be calibrated forces to cope with the length of the route.

Recommendations: In the north of the lagoon between the Puntica and Los Alcazares, no alternative dirt tracks  and must travel on the road, take precautions and always straight and circular by the roadside.

Route description: This tour has been raised by sections in the opposite direction to clockwise, starting at the mill of Ezekiel, the end of the Playa de la Mota. They mark the main distances in kilometers between locations, so every one can tailor the route and length as desired.0.0 – Mill of the Calcetera. Start a well established way for the speck of land that separates the salt and the Mar Menor.
2.5 – We arrive to the asphalt.
2.7 – Mill of Quintin. We entered Villananitos.
For the next mile the road is shared with cars. Use extreme caution.
4.2 – town of Lo Pagan. Continue along the promenade.
6.9 – town of La Ribera. Continue along the promenade.
7.3 – At the Plaza, turn right onto the road to San Javier.
7.8 – Crossroads. Turn left on Airport Road.
10.3 – Input Airport Murcia – San Javier. Continue straight.
13.2 – The Narejos.
15.2 – Los Alcazares. The promenade can cross the city without touching asphalt.
19.0 – Crossroads. Turn left towards Los Urrutias.
23.2 – urban areas of Urrutias. The town is crossed by the boardwalk. In the end, next to the marina, take a dirt road, installed on a real creek, which will go along the entire southern end of the Mar Menor.
25.2 – Urbanización Estrella de Mar. The road crosses and blackish clay land, materials composed of the wadis and runoff have been bringing from the nearby mines of La Union.
30.0 – Los Nietos. The entrance leads to the promenade, where you cross the town.
31.6 – Menores Islands.
32.6 – Mar de Cristal. When the boardwalk ends, it goes to the first paved road and take left. In the next turn left the road and continue along a dirt road that starts from the front.
34.5 – After a nice stretch, with halophytic vegetation that supports very well the salty soil and reed appears Villas Camping Caravaning.
35.4 – center of Playa Honda. We cross the promenade, which leads to a dirt road.
36.4 – Salinas Marchamalo.
37.1 – The road runs into a wall that reaches almost to the sea. There is pushing the bike to get around in the sand. Crossing the urbanization El Vivero and takes a very sandy road that runs along the coast to a pier.
38.7 – Puerto Bello. We went into La Manga. Take the paved road that goes right.
39.2 – We leave the road to La Manga. Take the left onto the bike lane.
41.3 – Alto de Monteblanco.
45.3 – Casino. Beat the bike lane.
51.3 – Bridge rotary train station.
56.2 – Veneciola Urbanisation.
56.4 – End of the road asphalt. The channels that cross the weirs prevent the passage by bike.

You can see this video

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