Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | July 23, 2011

Mula’s Old Town

Mula’s old town was declared a National Historic and Artistic Character in 1981.  A series of streets, paths and buildings whose origin is Muslim culture, subsequently amended by the following people. The most significant building is the Castle of the Marquis of Vélez built in 1525, which include armorial bearings of the family who had it built and the slender tower. Other notable buildings include the parish of Santo Domingo de Guzman started in 1557, the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, built in the early eighteenth century and which has a tower of the fifteenth century, the Monastery of the Encarnación, built at beginning in 1680, the parish of San Miguel Archangel, begun in the late sixteenth or the Convent of the Purisima Concepcion sober construction of the late sixteenth century.

In addition to these constructions of interest, Mula has numerous manor houses with coats of their former owners, who deserve the punishment be visited: The Painted House, the Palace of the Marquises of Menahermosa, the Museum of The Cigarralejo, House the Coy, etc.

Finally, we mention the Teatro Lope de Vega, opened in 1876 which interior is of modernist design.



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