Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | July 6, 2011

Spanish Learning – A Language Uniting 400 Million People

One of the most appealing types of tourism is related to learning the language which is spoken in the place visited. This is an original and enjoyable way of favouring the blending of cultures as well as getting to know the essence of a people by approaching its most intimate feature: its way of expressing itself. Those who visit the Region of Murcia with that aim will find all the ingredients for a profitable, funny and complete experience.

People in the Region of Murcia are warm and friendly. In addition, the weather in the region is excellent since the average temperature is 19 degrees centigrade and you can enjoy 315 sunny days a year: all this encourages all kinds of outdoor activities that allow the visitor to get in touch with nature.

The emphasis of life is outdoors in the Region of Murcia at any time of the year. The visitor can go across its lovely squares and streets full of history and sit down at any of the terraces of its many bars and restaurants to taste a delicious Murcian “tapa” while chatting with friends.

Another big appeal is the short distance between the interior and the coastline, which are, by the way, very well connected. This fact will allow you to take advantage of your time: in one day you can visit some museums or cultural centres in Cartagena and Murcia, do an outdoor activity, go across the narrow streets of several villages, relax in a spa, a thermal spring spa or a thalassotherapy centre and, finally, enjoy the region’s nightlife.


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