Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | June 20, 2011

San Juan, a magical night

Here comes the night of San Juan, magical night, the shortest night of the year, where the summer starts, where spells and prayers are mixed with the joy of burning everything old and shabby. Comes a new summer and with it the illusion of what can happen.

The night of San Juan is a very old holiday that is celebrated in many parts of Spain, especially in the Mediterranean coast, to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice, around purifying bonfires.

Thus, it is easy to see the length and breadth of the various Spanish traditions. In most places this celebration is the burning furniture and junk on the street. Here in the region we’re known for organizing fires that have nothing to envy others.

For example, in San Javier, the Department of Celebration has organized a popular festival with orchestra, to be followed by the lighting of the bonfire and fireworks display.

On the beaches of Cartagena, as The Azohía, there will be a poetry recital and a concert music. And in Cala Cortina, in addition to the recital, there will be flamenco, a tribute to Joseph Calli and the traditional bonfire. Everything to do tonight is more than magic.

* On Azohía (Cartagena), esplanade of the beach, starting at 20.30 h – free. San Javier, Parque Almansa, from 23.00 h and on the beach of Cala Cortina (Cartagena),  also at 23.00 h.

Morning spell

In a paper to write wishes and want to get all the negative one that may be in your life and you want to discard. The night of San Juan you have to burn the paper you have written what you want to eradicate from your life and scatter the ashes to the wind. The role of desires you keep in a box all year and burn the following year. Also, if you bathe in the sea by midnight, ensure your health for the rest of the year.


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