Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | June 11, 2011

Murcia’s secrets V

A lost village

It is said that due to a mining disaster 20 years ago, Portmán is something of a ghost-town. When the great ship the Lavadero Roberto dropped literally tonnes of waste in the sea back in 1987 meant a massive sea-clearing exercise had to be carried out and with it, a certain amount of regeneration. Yet now,this small fishing village is a favourite with tourists seeking sun-drenched views and beaches where they do not have to fight for towel-space amongst thousands of others who have had the same idea. All the charm of a coastal fishing village, Portmán’s tiny port and lighthouse with spectacular panoramas of the bay and its clusters of fishermen’s houses mean it is the ideal place to escape the madding crowds, but without sacrificing a bit of sunbathing. A fascinating mining landscape can be admired en route to Portmán from the Cartagena-La Unión road, or a quicker route takes you from La Manga towards the plush resort of La Manga Club, crossing velvety green golf courses and dense pine forests.


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