Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | June 7, 2011

Murcia’s secrets I

Sunseekers love it, those in need of a good pampering session cannot keep away from it. Murcia is an ideal choice if you’re simply looking to get away from all. We are to uncover some of Murcia’s best-kept secrets – its wildlife, forgotten villages and picturesque, verdant countryside… LA MANGA’S plush spa resorts, top restaurants and celebrity hang-outs have achieved international fame and Murcia is finally on the global tourist map, competing with more traditional chic Spanish destinations like Marbella, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Barcelona. But if being coated in mud and seaweed and trussed up in clingfilm isn’t your scene, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should rule out a trip to the Murcia region. This picturesque corner of Mediterranean Spain is a sea of pine and palm forests, deserted coves, warm and tranquil coastal waters, golden sun-drenched beaches, nature reserves and forgotten villages – all inhabited by endangered species of birds and animals, and some of the most friendly, open, welcoming people you will meet on your travels through this country. And what’s more, the Murcia region has more hours of sun than practically anywhere else on the Spanish mainland, and its winters are mild too – sothere is no reason to wait until next summer to visit. Exploring the natural side of Murcia is a relaxing, peaceful experience, the perfect getaway for those stuck in the heat of a polluted city in summer or who want to escape the madness of a bustling coastal resort. In spring and autumn, though, you can marvel at the ever-changing landscapes, an ocean of colours that unfolds at your feet – and enjoy some much-needed sunshine and dry weather that is often lacking in more northerly parts at the start and finish of the year.


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