Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | June 4, 2011

IV Tapa Route – San Pedro del Pinatar – 3rd to 12 June

This gastronomic tour, which a total of 18 establishments offering tapas and drinks on a single price of 2 euros, holds its fourth edition of 3 to 12 June.
This weekend starts the fourth edition of the Ruta de la Tapa de San Pedro del Pinatar, involving a total of 18 bars, restaurants and cafes, which offer cover and drinks (wine, beer or water) at a single price two euros until 12 June.
This edition also adhere confectioneries “Pedrín”, “Alice” and “The Craftsman”, replacing the lid and drink coffee and pastries at the same price.
Customers can find a directory of participating bars in the various establishments affiliated to the association Pinatar Shopping Area, organizer of the route.
This guide includes a map which identifies the participating bars, the contest, one page so that customers get the stamp of place where you have used and a space to vote for the best cover.
Guests can enjoy these caps from today until next Sunday, June 12 from 12:00 to 15:00 and 19:00 to 22:00.
People who visit at least 16 of the 18 participating bars enter the contest heated vinotheque Supplies Innkeepers Salazar, a circuit for two at the hotel Thalasia, and the winning weight in beer, sponsored by Costa Calida-Mahou.
The businesses have included a second category for users who complete 50 percent of the primer. That is, for those who, at least nine have been consumed in bars.
The prize in this second category is a dinner for two at the bar Tuta-Pita of the municipality.
Also, starting with the most votes of the users will get a diploma for the best top of the fourth edition of this gastronomic route.
Bars, restaurants and breweries participating in this gastronomic route are “crossing”, “Mar y Tierra”, “Tuta Pita”, “West”, “Capri”, “Miguel Angel”, “Tress”, “The Spike in Andalusia “Sol y Sombra”, “Manolo Bar”, “Home of the Fisherman Seafood Restaurant”, “Dani Pizzeria,” “The Shack”, “Floridablanca” and “Carpathia”, besides the three cafes mentioned above.
The route is organized by Pinatar shopping and has the support of the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Autonomous Community and local businesses Salazar Supplies, Innkeepers Thalasia, Costa Calida-Mahou drinks and bar Tuta Pita.

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