Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | May 30, 2011

Cartagena VI Triatlon Ciudad de Cartagena – 5th June

5th June – 10.30am

This Triathlon kicks off with 750 metres swimming in the Port of Cartagena, 20km on bicycle which is 3 turns around a circuit going from Plaza Héroes de Cavite ( right by the Town hall in Cartagena) up to the tunnel of Cala Cortin and back, then 5km on foot, following the bicycle lane from the Plaza up to Plaza Bastarreche, where the main tourist office is, then back via the Muralla del Mar.

Up top now there are 200 inscribed, and the numbers should be around 280 at the end of inscriptions, so if you´d like to join in, it costs 17 euros and inscription is via the website http://www.   trimurcia .org( you´ll have to type that inm, we don´t give links off the site unless paid  to do so.)

One little novelty this year is that any athletes throwing non organic waste on the floor as they run past will be DISQUALIFIED so bottles must be thrown within the specified refuelling stops. (By Networking)


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