Posted by: lasterrazasapartment | May 24, 2011

PP take total control of the Region of Murcia councils

The Region of Murcia has been painted blue overnight, with the PP decimating the PSOE across Murcia, the PP taking nearly 59% of the total votes cast.

It was unclear in the run-up to the elections whether the  much publicised spending cuts and protests which filled the streets of the Capital time and time again would have a negative effect on loyalty to the PP, but voters have laid the  blame for the economic woes of the region, firmly at the door of  Central Government of Spain and decisively routed the PSOE across the Region of Murcia. The PSOE have lost control of 11 of their 13 councils, retaining control in just 2 municipalities.

The Mar Menor has switched completely to the PP, Los Álcazares, San Javier and San Pedro del Pinatar all falling completely under PP control, and in the North and North-west of the Region, the PP have wiped the floor, taking majority control in Moratalla, Jumilla, Cehegín, Bullas and Caravaca de la Cruz.

Only Calasparra has retained a PSOE government, although with greatly reduced majority and with an IU councillor to contend with.

Mula, Alhama de Murcia and Mazarrón all face complicated negotiations to decide who will take control, no one party having a majority over another, the independents holding the power in the bargaining stakes.

In the Regional Assembly, the PP gained 58% of the vote, against 23% for the PSOE and 7% for the IUV-RM.

Nationally the result was the same, the night being the worst in the history of the PSOE. Surprisingly, and in spite of the massive student protests which called for a change in electoral system and for voters to abstain, the percentage of the population going to the polls increased by 2%, just under 23 million people casting their votes yesterday, giving the PP 37% and the PSOE falling to 27.79%, a massive change from 2003, when the parties were virtually neck and neck with 34 and 35% of the votes.

President Zapatero has ruled out the possibility of bringing forward the National elections which are scheduled for next year, saying that the massive losses of 2 million jobs caused by an international economic downturn has provoked a severe loss of spirit, and that his party hadn´t known how to reach the people of Spain with their message.

The new councils will take over officially from the end of the second week in June, so from Sunday 12th it´s all change as the new Mayors and Concejals take control of their municipalities.

Whilst for most it´s a clean sweep, messy negotiations still face the few municipalities with a less decisive vote, local issues and politics dictating which way the wind will swing for those unsure as to whether they will have a new Mayor, or the same one with less power, we´ll just have to wait and see. (By Networking)


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