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Murcia 3 Culturas – Saturday 28th – Part 3

Saturday 28th May
Iglesia de Santo Domingo
Childrens and juveniles sections of the choir, coral Discantus
Un paseo por el mundo/ A journey around the world

Any journey through the world is a hymn to tolerance, respect and the fusion between cultures, based on the knowledge and performance of traditional pieces from all five continents in choral form. In order to prepare each of the songs, which come from Morocco, Congo, Italy, France, Israel, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Lapland, Australia and the Philippines, the choir has studied the context of each country in terms not only of the geographical location but also the customs and traditions of the culture, so that the young members of the group can assimilate the value of music as a vehicle of international cultural communication.

Saturday 28th May
Plaza Cardenal Belluga

United States of America, closing concert
Spiritual Inspiration

20 years of gospel and spiritual music

Fitzroy Burroughs, leader y musical director
Beck Burdette, voice
Brad Summers, voice
Alicia Taylor, voice
Crolyne Pirulli, voice
Nina Nyembwe, voice
Leon Johnson, piano
Thomas White, bass
Dennis Nowak, drums

As soon as The Jackson Singers take to the stage and begin to sing, it’s clear that a type of magic is at work. In just a few moments they achieve a fervour and exaltation worthy of the most genuine black American gospel ceremonies. The group electrifies their audience, transporting them magically to Harlem, in the heart of the negro community. Gospel music is their way of life, their means to express their love for their neighbours and neighbourhood. Their set is like a sermon consisting of traditional spiritual songs and contemporary gospel numbers.

Saturday 28th May
Plaza Europa
Dimanche à Bamako
Hip Hop & Rap and African folk

Samou Bagayoko & Smod are more than just a group of rap musicians. They personify the explosion of a new African generation onto the scene, bringing with it all the urban sounds. There is a whole host of outside influences that might fit under the term “afro-hop”, a hybrid genre somewhere between rap and folk built on rhythm boxes and simple guitar chords, together with the old “griol” music from the oral traditions

Saturday 28th May

Calle Basabé

Melech Mechaya is a voyage through “klezmer” music, also including more delicate and intimate moments. The journey includes the Judaic tradition, incorporating Arabic aromas, gypsy rhythms and moments of pure rhythm, which lead us on a musical trip from Hungary to Israel, from the Balkans to New York

Saturday 28th May

Muralla Verónicas
This is just behind the Veronicas Marketplace
Music to see and listen to

Originally from the region of Styria in Austria, these three youngsters perform a mixture of classical and traditional music, almost all of it written by themselves in their own inimitable style. They have taken their music to Algeria, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and China. They have been together for a number of years and have established an enviable reputation through their live performances, in which they combine their magnificent technical ability with a subtle humour on stage.

Saturday 28th May

Plaza Santa Eulalia
Malagasy blues

A perfect meeting, a fusion of genres and roots wherein the traditional instruments of Madagascar are combined with the Louisiana-style harmonica, creating a natural sound which takes us back to both America and Africa at one and the same time. Tao Ravao sing in English, French and Malgache, play the valiha, the kabosy and the lintungu, and compose most of their own songs. In this concert the group performs music which has its roots firmly planted in the blues, also incorporating the sounds of the Indian Ocean and the rhythms of the rich musical tradition of Madagascar, achieving a true “world music” which is surprising in the cohesiveness of the fusion.

Saturday 28th May
4.30pm and 5.30pm

Muralla del Rincón de Pepe
Chansons kabyles / Traditional kabyl music

The group’s repertoire is based on “kabayli” music, the traditional sound of the Berbers and Bedouins of Algeria, a music which is rich in rhythms and subtleties of sound. The set also includes a trip through the musical culture of the different countries of the north of Africa: popular music (“shaaby”), traditional and modern, some of them with a hint of flamenco, the logical result of a meeting of cultures which has lasted a millennium.
Saturday 28th May
 Plaza de la Cruz (Hernández Amores) 1pm
Jardín de Floridablanca 8pm

Rodinka, (“small family” in Czech), brings together five mothers and daughters from the same family through music. They perform songs from Moravia with the rhythms of the work in the fields and the soft sounds of the girls’ home-made dresses, the songs of the tramps and the main events of life counted off like the petals of a daisy.
Saturday 28th May
12 Midday

Glorieta de España (pasacalles- walk through the streets- 12,30 and 13,30 h) and at the  Pérgola de San Basilio (21 h.)
Oriental music and dance
The musicians and dancers of the Arabeske Troupe Mediterránea present the traditional folklore dances of the Middle East, including a splendid dance with a 2-and-half-metre long albino python. The dancers interact with the musicians and the audience in a feast of exotic colours and sounds, a festival of pure art and a joy for all the senses.

Saturday 28th May

11.00 am

Iglesia de Santo Domingo
Encuentro de Voces Blancas, a gathering of young voices, in which the following groups of young musicians participate: youth and childrens section Coral Discantus, the childrens and juvenile sections of the Orfeón Fernández Caballero,and the choirs of Voces Blancas and  Juvenile of the  Coral Hims Mola.

A special concert with a mixed programme, entitled a journey to the past.

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