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Murcia 3 Culturas – Friday 20th to Wednesday 25th May – Part 2

Monday 23rd May

Plaza de los Apóstoles




Khaira Arby

Timbuktu Tarab, Blues of the desert.

Born in a town not far from the legendary Timbuktu, Khaira Arby bears the soul of the desert in her work. Her music entwines the tradition and cultures of Malí with the rhythms of rock and reggae,  electric guitars as at home in her set as the ancestral instruments of her culture.

Tuesday 24th May


Plaza de los Apóstoles

From Bulgaria, the Eva Quartet

10 years ago 4 of the best soloists from the famous choir, ‘El misterio de las voces búlgaras’ formed the Eva Quartet.

The repertoire is composed of songs from different zones of Bulgaria, including religious and historical pieces as well as a more modern repertoire.

Tuesday 24th May


Museo Santa Clara La real, Paseo Alfonso X


Music and dance from India

Bhakti unites musicians and dancers specialised in Indian dance. The performers interpret pieces from the traditional  repertoire of bharatanatyam which is dance linked to the sacred dances of the temples, and also includes pieces inspired by poems of Tagore, Rumim and san Juan de la Cruz, traditional music opening the door to new ways of movement and expression.

Wednesday 25th May


Claustro de la Universidad

Click for map, Universidad de Murcia

From France/Italy

Corou de Berra
A Capella

Polyphonic songs of the Meridian alps

This polyphonic group interprets the traditional songs of the French and Italian Alps with the spirit of the people of the south. Corou de Berra have a unique identity, their dynamic presence interpreting the music of centuries gone by, created between Provenza, Piemonte, Liguria and País de Niza

Wednesday 25th May


Museo Santa Clara La real, Paseo Alfonso X

From Sudan, Syria


Africa and the East combine in this meeting between the Sudanese Wafir and the Syrian Salah. Their intricate melodies are the base for the dance of Mónica Sade, dancer, a technical and expressive virtuoso, specialised in the practice of classic oriental dances and the dances of the veil. Throughout the years the group have amplified their repertoire including Egyptian and Balkan music into their performance.


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